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Whether it is a pair of speakers on the deck, or a built in music system that operates at the touch of a button, CIS has been on the cutting edge of audio system design since multi-room systems began in the 80’s.

System architecture can be simple like a receiver and volume controls, or multi-room, multi-source systems. These types of systems can provide different listening choices in the different areas of your home, whereas a simple system configuration can only do one thing at a time when distributed all over the house.

Outdoor areas can also share the music. Whether poolside, or on the deck, there are a number of good outdoor speakers to bring the enjoyment to the outside. Simple box speakers can be attached to the house, or the railing. Rock speakers are very popular in the areas where a more landscaped look is desired. These are speakers that are in an enclosure that is designed to look like a rock. They are available in a variety of colors and styles. At the high end of outdoor sound, separate speakers are located throughout the property and hidden in the landscape and terrain. The specific placement of these speakers depends on the client’s needs and tastes and the engineering details, entertainment areas, etc.

We take special attention in designing each system so that it reflects the homeowners’s wishes, and caveats. All Audio systems that are designed and installed by C.I.S. have been specially designed for the client, the home, and the circumstances that will allow the user easy access and operation. Since every situation is different, no two systems are alike.


A Video distribution system is more than cable jacks all over the house. A properly designed and installed video system from CIS will allow you to enjoy a clear, high quality signal from any number of sources, on any or all of your televisions.

The source material can be from cable, a BluRay player, satellite dish, CCD cameras, or other streaming or internet devices.

CIS uses the finest parts and materials available including high quality dual coaxial RG6 wire, Augat SnapNSeal “F” connectors, Channel Vision High Isolation splitters, and custom designed distribution amplifier panels.

The combination of the correct design and the finest materials, will give you a picture that is free from noise and interference, and enhance your viewing enjoyment at every television in your home.