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Lighting creates a mood, a feeling and a visual treat. A lighting control system can combine all of these feelings, and a simple way to access them. The simplest way to describe a lighting control system is that it allows you to control all of your home lighting from master controls, your smart phone or tablet, or home automation system.

One room systems consist of a simple preset dimming control that allows you to control four lighting circuits, and create four “scenes”. For example: one button press will blend the light levels of each zone to create four pre-determined (preset) combinations of light levels (scenes) for different room uses. Each preset is easily recalled at the touch of a button.

For Whole House Lighting Control, there is a similar solution giving you complete control at the touch of a single button. The lighting system uses “smart” dimmers, switches, along with master control keypads located in key areas throughout your home.

Lighting control addresses the following areas:

Motorized Shading

Motorized window treatments allow effortless control of natural light and are nearly silent while in operation. Whether a window has roller shades, roman shades, or drapes, we can design an appealing solution for your home.

Motorized shades not only make a home more livable and comfortable, they also provide UV protection and lower energy costs. With a wide variety of designer fabric choices, unique expertise in the design of motorized window treatments, and skillful technology integration.

Since home automation control systems are very popular today, often the shade & drapery controls are integrated within your control’s touchscreen. This further eliminates wall clutter…putting all of your home’s subsystem controls (lighting, music, climate, security, etc.) within combined, intuitive touchscreen controls. Using the internal “smarts” of a home automation system, your shades or drapery can open and close automatically based on an event such as your home reaching a preset temperature, thereby saving energy. Smart home control systems even know (based on your home’s location) where the sun is located in the sky at any given moment and can lower blinds or close drapery to protect the home from unwanted heat gain and to protect fabrics from sun damage.

Your home or business’s shading and window treatments can be integrated into an overall centralized control system, automating their movement thus making them completely effortless. Your shades can be lowered just before the sun is about to enter the room, thus reducing energy usage and preventing UV damage to flooring and furniture. Shading can also be utilized as a setting for when you leave on vacation.

There are a wide variety of drapery / shade control options to suit your needs and lifestyle. When combined with a lighting control system, these controls are integrated within an easy to use screen or keypad. This eliminates unnecessary wall clutter and simplifies operation. Preset buttons instantly recall your favorite shade or drapery position, and these keypads are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes to complement your décor.