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The telephone is your main source of communication. You want easy access to outside lines, intercom communications, and paging. These systems can accommodate your standard phones, answering machines, fax, modems or cordless phones. Just plug them in. There is also a CORDLESS SYSTEM PHONE, which allows you to do everything the regular system phones do.

The Panasonic Electronic Modular Switching Systems start with a simple Control Unit, that handles multiple incoming lines, and up to eight (8) or more extensions.

By adding some internal modules, your system can be expanded to six (6) incoming lines, and can handle a maximum twenty four (24) phone locations.

Options include: music on hold, external paging, door intercom, and door strike control. Optional backup power is available when the power is out.

The new Panasonic telephones feature a totally new low profile, sleek design with a European style “J” type handset that will compliment your décor. In addition to the new design, all phones have 24 programmable buttons. 12 buttons are illuminated for use as CO, Direct Station Select (DSS), Feature or Personal keys. The other 12 buttons can be programmed differently. All models have a large dual function LED mounted at the top of the telephone, that serves as both a Message Waiting Lamp in addition to flashing during ringing of incoming calls. Finally, these models feature a new high/low adjustable base as well as convenient wall mounting.

You telephone and intercom system can be configured to do whatever you want it to.